Asbestos and fiber - Accessories

In addition to our sampling pumps, we offer complementary accessories for your measurements and analyzes. Facilitate and consolidate your purchases with compatible, high-performance accessories, including a thoracic fraction air sampling head, a particle suspension ventilator, an electronic mass flow meter, a portable battery case, a retractable tripod, and air sampling cassettes.

ACS Cassettes Quartz

Samplig cassettes preloaded with Quartz filter 37 mm for analysis of fibers and lead

ACS Ventilateur

Fan for retention in suspension of fibers and particles


Air sampling head for asbestos and fibers diagnosis

AYrspire NUC ®

Air sampling head for asbestos and fibers diagnosis

ACS Cassettes

Preloaded sampling filter cassettes 0.45µ 37mm - For PCM and TEM analysis

AYrspire Accessory

AYrspire Accessory - For calibration and leak testing

Electronic Mass Flow Meter - Model GO-CAL

Measures Flow, Pressure and Temperature (SENSIDYNE Brand)

Battery AC-Pack ®

Portable battery case

High stability tripod

High stability tripod for air sampling head







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