Founded in 2009 by F.Platon, AC-SPerhi is a designer and manufacturer of air and surface sampling devices for Asbestos and fibers diagnosis and for microbiological controls. However, the Know-how and experience are prior to creation of AC-SPerhi. The Technical Director (P. Monboeuf) was indeed one of the first manufacturers of air sampling pumps in France. The ACS IP 53 air sampling pump was thus one of the first devices selled in France, and that the company still regularly receives after-sales service.

Since then, AC-SPerhi continues to innovate and develops a range of products that meet the expectations and needs of its customers, thanks to the professionalism of the team. The company's team has grown over the years, and now consists of ten employees. Our international  patent on the principle of measurement using a mass flowmeter compensated by temperature and pressure in 2015, thus reinforces the legitimacy and innovation of the company.





International Development


The recognition of this dynamism and the quality of devices, is reflected in the diversity of customers, ranging from state agencies, to foreign companies. In addition, AC-SPerhi values compliance with standards and regulations relating to its sector.

Armed with this rigor on the national market, AC-SPerhi is now turning more and more worldwide. Foreign markets have already been analyzed, and the company wants to strengthen its international presence. This approach, together with the company's values, is accompanied by a constant Research & Development, in order to offer on these different markets devices that are compliant with the local standards. Distributors and foreign representatives will thus be the relay between the French HQ and its future customers.

ZAC de TESAN - Impasse des Carignans N°10
30126 Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres - FRANCE

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